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Looking for the best Mechanical Engineering program at an HBCU

Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out which HBCUs have the best Mechanical Engineering programs. I'm looking for a program with strong industry connections and internships. Thoughts?

7 months ago

When considering Mechanical Engineering programs at HBCUs, North Carolina A&T State University is often highly regarded. The school is known for its robust engineering program and strong ties to industry, particularly through its College of Engineering.

Another institution you might want to look at is Howard University, which has a history of producing competitive engineers and offers unique internship opportunities through its connections in Washington D.C. Also consider the historical reputation and resources available at Tuskegee University, famous for its contribution to STEM fields and the excellent hands-on experience it offers.

While evaluating programs, make sure to research each school's career services, alumni network, and partnerships with corporations, as these factors will be key to securing internships and job placements post-graduation. Visiting campuses and reaching out to current students and faculty can also give you insider insights into the more specific strengths of their Mechanical Engineering programs, and how well they align with your own sub-interests within the broader field.

Best of luck with your college search!

7 months ago

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