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Prepping for Dorm Life at an HBCU

Hey folks! Super excited to have been accepted into an HBCU! I'm starting to think about dorm life and I wanna get a jump on planning. What are some must-have dorm essentials for an HBCU? Anything unique to the culture that I should consider bringing for my room?

7 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptance! Preparing for dorm life is definitely an exciting time. There are a few essentials you'll want to include on your list: comfortable bedding (twin XL is the usual for dorm beds), a mini fridge and microwave for late-night snacks or quick meals, storage solutions to maximize your space like bed risers or hanging shelves, and personal items to make it feel like home—photos, posters, and such.

Given that HBCUs have a rich cultural heritage, consider bringing decorations that celebrate that history or your own cultural background. Maybe some artwork or tapestries that reflect African or African-American culture could be a great touch. Also, think about items that might help you bond with fellow dorm mates during campus events, like games or a shared music speaker. Just be sure to coordinate with your roommate to avoid doubling up on the big items. Each HBCU has its own vibe, but these basics should help you make a smooth transition to dorm living at your new school. Enjoy the adventure!

7 months ago

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