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Are there affordable HBCU options with low out-of-state tuition?

Hey guys, I've been really interested in the experience and community at HBCUs, but I'm on a pretty tight budget and will be an out-of-state student. Does anyone know of HBCUs that are known for having lower out-of-state tuition rates? Looking for a way to make this dream more affordable without racking up a ton of debt.

7 months ago

Hey there, as someone who went through the college financing journey recently with my kiddo, I totally understand the budget concerns. Have you checked out the Academic Common Market (ACM)?

If you're from a southern state, the ACM might allow you to pay in-state tuition rates at out-of-state HBCUs if your intended major isn't offered in your home state. Additionally, some HBCUs known for more affordable out-of-state tuition include Alcorn State University in Mississippi and Central State University in Ohio.

Remember, tuition isn't the only cost—board, books, and other living expenses can add up. Fill out your FAFSA early to see what federal aid you might get, and always look for scholarships; sometimes HBCUs offer specific scholarships for out-of-state students to bring costs down. Also, don't be shy to reach out to financial aid offices at these schools. They are often very willing to help prospective students navigate costs and can inform you about any unique opportunities available. Best of luck—you're on the right track looking into options that could make this dream work financially.

7 months ago

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