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What kind of scholarships do HBCUs offer and how can I apply?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the college process here. I've heard that HBCUs offer scholarships, but I'm curious about the types they have, how much they typically cover, and what the application process looks like. If anyone has gone through this or knows more about it, could you help me out?

7 months ago

Navigating the college financial aid landscape can certainly feel daunting, but it's wonderful to hear you're considering HBCUs! These institutions often offer a range of scholarships based on merit, need, athletics, and special talents or backgrounds. The amounts can vary from partial to full tuition, including some that cover room and board.

To apply, start by exploring the colleges' official websites for scholarship information, which will detail the kinds of scholarships available and their specific application processes. Each HBCU has its own set of scholarships with varying criteria, so it's essential to look at each institution individually. Many will require the submission of the FAFSA to consider you for financial aid, while merit-based awards may need a separate application or could be automatic based on your application to the college.

Deadlines can also vary, so keeping a calendar of important dates is crucial. Additionally, outside organizations also offer scholarships specifically for students attending HBCUs. I recommend checking resources like UNCF, Thurgood Marshall College Fund, and also searching for local community scholarships that might have agreements or special funds allocated for students attending HBCUs. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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