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HBCUs with competitive football programs for a student-athlete?

So I've been playing high school football and I'm thinking about continuing at the collegiate level. I’d love for that to be at an HBCU. Can anyone weigh in on HBCUs with football teams that also prioritize academics? It’d be great to hear from student-athletes and their experiences balancing sports and studying.

7 months ago

Hey there! Among HBCUs with notable football programs, you might want to check out North Carolina A&T State University and Alcorn State University. Both schools have competitive football teams and a strong emphasis on academics.

NC A&T has resources like study halls and tutoring specifically for student-athletes. It's all about time management and taking advantage of the support systems the college offers. The key is to connect with coaches to get a sense of the culture within the football program and to make sure academics are given their due importance. Best of luck in finding that perfect fit where you can shine on the field and in the classroom!

7 months ago

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