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Exploring every HBCU in the US?

I feel a tad overwhelmed with the thought of checking out every HBCU in the US. Where should I even start? Is there a checklist or a recommendation on how to narrow down the list based on my academic interests and extracurriculars?

7 months ago

I really appreciate your interest in exploring HBCUs and understand that it can feel overwhelming to start. A good strategy is to begin by identifying your academic interests and potential majors. Look for HBCUs with strong programs related to those fields. For example, if you're interested in engineering, schools like North Carolina A&T State University are recognized for their engineering programs. Once you have a list based on academics, consider the extracurricular opportunities each school provides and how they align with your current involvement and interests. HBCUs often have a rich array of cultural activities, Greek life, and other student organizations that might resonate with you. Additionally, consider location, size, campus culture, and whether you prefer a more urban or rural setting. As for a checklist, start with these points:

1. Determine your area of academic interest.

2. Research which HBCUs are renowned for those programs.

3. Look into the extracurricular activities and campus life.

4. Think about location preferences.

5. Consider school size and culture.

6. Visit campuses if possible, or attend virtual sessions.

To make things manageable, aim to create a shortlist of around 5 to 10 schools that best match your criteria. Best of luck on your search!

7 months ago

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