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Do any HBCUs have competitive men's soccer teams?

Looking to potentially walk on or try out for a men’s soccer team at an HBCU. I’ve been a defender for my high school team and really want to keep playing. Which HBCUs have teams? Bonus if they're competitive!

7 months ago

Hey there! That's fantastic that you're looking to continue your soccer career at college level. There are indeed several HBCUs with men's soccer teams. A notable one is Howard University; their team has had some solid seasons and can be quite competitive.

Additionally, schools like University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Howard University typically compete in NCAA Division I, so you’d be looking at a pretty high level of play.

What’s more, if you show your potential during tryouts or as a walk-on, there's always a chance to grow and perhaps play an even more significant role on the team. Make sure to reach out to the coaches early, share your highlights, and express your interest. It shows initiative and could help you in getting a spot for tryouts. Best of luck with your search and future soccer endeavors!

7 months ago

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