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HBCU with the best program for business administration?

I'm a junior starting to scope out colleges and I have a strong interest in Business Administration. I'm specifically looking for an HBCU with a solid reputation in this field. Can anyone share their experiences or what they've heard about the quality of business programs at HBCUs? It would also be great to get some info on internships or hands-on learning opportunities. Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! One consistently recognized HBCU for an excellent program in Business Administration is Howard University. It’s known for the robust curriculum, experienced faculty, and great networking opportunities, due to its location in Washington, D.C. Furthermore, Howard's School of Business has fantastic resources for internships, including partnerships with major corporations.

Another HBCU that is noted for its business program is Hampton University's School of Business. It provides an immersive learning environment with its Bloomberg terminals and emphasis on real-world experiences. Additionally, many students commend the practical experience and internship opportunities available through Hampton's ties with businesses in the area.

Internship experiences at these schools often lead to solid job offers post-graduation due to the strong alumni networks. As you continue your search, I recommend reaching out to each school's admissions office to inquire specifically about intern partnerships and real-world learning components integral to their business programs.

7 months ago

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