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Do HBCUs allow high school students to attend homecoming events?

This might be an odd question but do HBCUs allow prospective students (like high school juniors) to attend their homecoming events? Might be a cool way to experience the campus atmosphere firsthand before applying.

7 months ago

Absolutely! In fact, I think it's a fantastic idea to get a feel for the campus culture. Most HBCUs, and colleges in general, have a welcoming attitude towards prospective students attending bigger public events like homecoming. These events can offer a genuine look at the student community and school spirit.

I would, however, recommend you reach out beforehand to the admissions office of the HBCU you're interested in. They can provide information on any potential events organized specifically for high school students during homecoming and might even offer guided tours.

Keep in mind that every school is different, so checking in advance will ensure that you know what's available and can make the most of the visit. Enjoy the homecoming, and I hope it gives you great insight!

7 months ago

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