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What can I expect from an HBCU college tour?

Hey fellow juniors (and anyone else with insight)! I'm planning to go on a few HBCU college tours this year and I'm a little bit stressed about making sure I use the opportunity well. What should I be on the lookout for during these tours? How should I prepare and are there specific questions I should be sure to ask while I'm there to really get a feel for the school?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's a wise idea to think ahead about your college tours. HBCU tours are vibrant and full of history. You'll want to check out the usual campus highlights: dorms, dining halls, libraries, and student centers. Many HBCUs have museums or historical sites pertaining to African-American history—don't miss those.

It's also beneficial to sit in on a class if possible and attend a student event to get an authentic feel for campus life. Regarding questions, ask about support services unique to HBCUs like mentorship programs or cultural initiatives. Additionally, inquire about outcomes: internships, job placement, and graduate school acceptance rates specifically for the programs you're interested in.

Pay close attention to how the community feels—do students seem engaged, are the campuses well maintained, what are the vibes at the student union or other gathering places? Try to envision yourself as part of that community. Oh, and don't forget to enjoy yourself, too. These tours can be quite fun!

7 months ago

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