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What's it like to be in an HBCU gymnastics program?

I'm a junior and a competitive gymnast, aiming to continue in college. Do HBCUs have gymnastics teams? If so, could someone share their experience or what they've heard about the programs? I'm looking to apply where I can balance both school spirit and my sport.

7 months ago

Hey there! While not all HBCUs have gymnastics programs, there are indeed several that do, and they offer a unique and supportive environment. For athletes, it's key to find a place where you can flourish both academically and in your sport. I recommend reaching out directly to the gymnastics coaches at the HBCUs you're interested in for the most accurate glimpse into their programs.

Also, it’s a fantastic idea to visit the campus and possibly watch a practice or meet if you can. This firsthand look will help you gauge how well you can balance your academic and gymnastic commitments. Don't hesitate to ask about support services for athletes as well, such as tutoring or sports medicine offerings.

7 months ago

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