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Esports Programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Hey, just wondering if anyone's tapped into the esports scene at HBCUs. I heard something about an HBCU Esports Alliance and even some leagues. Does anyone know which colleges are active in esports and what kind of programs or clubs they have? Looking for a college where I can game and study!

7 months ago

Absolutely, the esports scene at HBCUs is growing, and there's definitely momentum there. HBCUs are increasingly recognizing the value of esports and integrating it into their campus life. Schools like Morehouse College, Johnson C. Smith University, and others have partnered with organizations like the HBCU Esports Alliance to bolster their programs.

You'll find that these programs often include competitive teams and clubs where you can dive into gaming at a collegiate level. There's also scholarship potential for esports, similar to traditional athletics. Plus, these programs often come hand-in-hand with academic tracks in game design, sports management, and related fields, so you can combine your passion with your studies.

If you're looking into colleges, be sure to ask admissions representatives about their esports offerings specifically. Even if they don't have a formal program, there could be active clubs that participate in intercollegiate leagues. Happy gaming and studying!

7 months ago

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