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What's the social scene like on HBCU campuses?

Hi all, I'm pretty active on Instagram, and I see a lot of cool stuff about different college's social lives. Out of curiosity, how's the social scene at HBCUs? Are there any HBCU Instagram accounts or student influencers you recommend following to get a feel for what's happening on campus?

7 months ago

Hi there! Generally, the social scene at HBCUs is vibrant and community-oriented. HBCUs often have a rich tapestry of events, including Greek life, homecoming, and various cultural festivities that are integral to the student experience. There's a strong sense of camaraderie and pride among students, which is really heartwarming.

As for Instagram accounts, you might want to check out accounts that are directly associated with the HBCUs themselves, as they'll give you an 'official' perspective on campus events. These can include the university's main account, the admissions office, or specific student groups.

Additionally, there are often hashtags you can follow, like #HBCULife or #HBCUPride, where you'll find a patchwork of student experiences, stories, and events. You can also look for influencers or student ambassadors who often post about their personal college experiences.

Just keep in mind that while Instagram can provide a snapshot of life on campus, there's nothing quite like visiting and engaging with the community directly!

7 months ago

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