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Can attending an HBCU game in Charlotte help me learn about the school?

Okay, so I’ve got a chance to go to an HBCU game in Charlotte. Do these games have informational booths or events where I might be able to pick up some info about the school's programs, culture, and admissions? As someone looking into HBCUs, I want to know if it’s worth the trip.

7 months ago

Absolutely, going to an HBCU game can be a great opportunity to soak in the school's spirit and culture! While the primary focus is on the athletics, these events often have a festive atmosphere with various informational booths set up, especially if it's a larger game with a fair number of attendees.

You can expect to see booths for different academic programs, student organizations, and sometimes even admissions. It's a perfect time to chat with current students, alumni, and faculty to get a sense of what life is like at the institution. Plus, listening to the band and watching the crowd can give you a unique glimpse into the energy and traditions of the HBCU community.

Many students find these types of events very helpful when deciding which college to attend. Just make sure to arrive early so you can walk around and talk to people before the game starts—that's usually when most of the informative interactions happen. Enjoy the game and the experience!

7 months ago

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