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What's the scoop on the HBCU Innovation and Leadership Symposium?

Hello folks, stumbled upon this thing called the HBCU Innovation and Leadership Symposium while researching colleges. Does anyone know what goes down there? Is it worth attending for someone wanting to step into a leadership role in the future?

7 months ago

The HBCU Innovation and Leadership Symposium is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in leadership, networking, and exposure to new ideas and technology. It's typically an event that brings together students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) along with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and technologists to collaborate and discuss innovation within various sectors.

If you're considering a leadership role in the future, attending could be highly beneficial. You'll have the chance to meet inspirational figures, learn from their experiences, and potentially find mentors. Moreover, these kinds of symposiums often include workshops and sessions where you can develop practical skills that are transferable to your future career paths.

Remember, such events can also bolster a college application by demonstrating your proactive nature and willingness to learn outside of the traditional classroom setting. If logistics and costs are manageable for you, I would definitely recommend considering the symposium as a way to advance your leadership and innovative thinking skills.

7 months ago

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