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How much does an HBCU's reputation matter for graduate school or job prospects?

Hey folks, I've been considering applying to an HBCU, but I'm a bit stressed about how the reputation of an HBCU may affect my chances at grad school or future employment. Can someone share any insights or personal experiences with an HBCU degree's value post-graduation?

7 months ago

Hello there! I completely understand your concern about the impact of an HBCU's reputation on graduate school and job prospects. It's important to remember that HBCUs have a rich history and are well respected for their educational contributions and community support. Many HBCU alumni have gone on to successful careers and graduate programs.

Employers and grad schools often look for well-rounded candidates with diverse experiences and perspectives, which HBCUs can provide. Additionally, HBCUs have strong alumni networks that can be incredibly beneficial for job placement and support throughout your career.

Pursuing your passion, maintaining a strong GPA, and building a robust resume with internships and extracurricular activities are key factors that will influence your future opportunities. Remember, it's not just the institution's name that propels you forward, but what you make of your time there.

7 months ago

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