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How beneficial is the HBCU Innovation Summit for students?

I've recently heard about the HBCU Innovation Summit, and I'm kind of interested in how attending something like that could help a high schooler. Has anyone attended before or does anyone know if it gives a leg up in the admissions process or networking opportunities?

7 months ago

The HBCU Innovation Summit can be a strong asset for high school students looking to immerse themselves in a community of like-minded individuals and professionals. Networking opportunities are a key benefit, as you have the chance to meet people who could become future mentors, internship providers, or even recommenders for your college applications.

While your attendance alone may not be a significant factor in the admissions process, what you do with the experience can be. For example, if you can discuss a project or initiative you developed because of the summit, that would showcase your ability to apply what you've learned—something that admissions officers look for.

Plus, any experience that helps you write a more compelling college essay or adds depth to your extracurricular profile is beneficial. If you're aiming for strong leadership roles or building a 'spike' in a certain area, this summit could certainly help you stand out.

Just remember to be proactive in engaging with the event, and follow up with any connections you make. Keep a business card or note down the names of people you meet with LinkedIn in mind. You'll find these connections can be invaluable as you navigate your educational and professional journey.

7 months ago

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