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Can anyone share their real HBCU experience?

I keep hearing the term 'HBCU experience,' but what does it really mean on a personal level? Could anyone here who's currently at an HBCU or a recent alum lay it out for me? I’m looking for stories and insights beyond the brochures and promo videos. Thanks a bunch!

7 months ago

Hi there! My son is currently a sophomore at an HBCU, and he absolutely loves it. From what he shares, the HBCU experience is very much about the sense of community and shared heritage. He's mentioned how he immediately felt a strong sense of belonging and inclusiveness that he hadn't experienced elsewhere.

The campus activities often celebrate African American culture and history, something he finds very empowering. Faculty and staff are supportive, and there's a strong emphasis on lifting each other up.

For example, my son has been able to network with alumni who have gone into his field of study, which has opened doors for internships. I also see a personal growth in him; he's more confident and passionate about social issues. Even though I am not there personally, witnessing his growth and hearing about his enriching experiences provides a meaningful insight into the HBCU life. It's heartwarming to hear him speak with so much pride about his school and how it's shaping his future. I hope that provides a little bit of the 'real' experience you're looking for!

7 months ago

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