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What HBCU medical schools are in Georgia and how competitive are admissions?

I'm a junior starting to think about med school, and I'm interested in HBCUs in Georgia. Can anyone share which HBCU med schools are there and a bit about how tough the admissions process is?

7 months ago

Hello, I'm delighted to see you're planning your medical school journey thoughtfully. In Georgia, Morehouse School of Medicine is an HBCU medical school you might consider. Admissions to any medical school can be quite competitive, and Morehouse is no exception.

They seek applicants with a solid academic foundation, a competitive MCAT score, and meaningful experiences in healthcare, whether through volunteer work, research, or other relevant exposure. A commitment to service, particularly within underserved communities, aligns with Morehouse's mission and will be an important aspect of your application. It's also worth noting that building a strong undergraduate record and gaining relevant experience in the healthcare field will be crucial for your application.

Keep in mind, the specific statistical competitiveness of admissions varies from year to year, but aspiring candidates should strive for excellence in all areas of their application to stand out. I'd encourage you to visit Morehouse's admissions website for the most current data and requirements. Best of luck on your journey to medical school!

7 months ago

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