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Stepping up as a Drum Major at an HBCU - What's it take?

I'm a junior and have been the assistant drum major at my school. I've got my eyes set on being a drum major at an HBCU. Can anyone shed some light on what HBCUs are looking for in their drum majors? Are there auditions or specific qualifications they expect?

7 months ago

It's wonderful to hear about your leadership ambitions and your specific interest in HBCUs. HBCUs have a rich tradition of marching bands and the role of a drum major is highly regarded.

Each school may have its own specific set of qualifications and process for becoming a drum major, but generally, they look for students with strong musical abilities, leadership skills, and a charismatic presence that can lead the band with confidence. It's common to go through an audition process where you'll need to demonstrate not only your musical talents but also your marching skills and ability to command the band's attention.

You might also be asked to conduct an interview or demonstrate your understanding of the school's culture and history. All in all, this process could be quite involved, so make sure you're prepared to carve a significant amount of time out of your schedule.

I would suggest reaching out directly to the band directors at the HBCUs you're interested in for precise requirements and tips to prepare. Additionally, consider enhancing your resume by taking on more leadership roles in your current band, and possibly seeking mentorship from current or former drum majors.

Best of luck on your journey to becoming a drum major!

7 months ago

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