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HBCU Marching Band Scholarships - How to apply and succeed?

So I play the trumpet, I've marched for four years, and I'm really into the idea of continuing in college, especially at an HBCU. Does anyone know the ins and outs of applying for band scholarships at HBCUs? Any tips on how to stand out or the kind of pieces I should prepare?

7 months ago

Hello there! That's fantastic that you want to continue with marching band in college, especially at an HBCU which is known for their vibrant and competitive band programs. Applying for band scholarships usually involves a few key steps.

First, make sure you've done your research on each HBCU you're interested in, as each program may have different requirements and deadlines for scholarship applications. Typically, you'll need to prepare an audition piece that showcases your skill with the trumpet. Choose a piece that you're not only comfortable with, but also one that is challenging and demonstrates your range and ability to perform complex pieces. It's also a great idea to connect directly with the band directors at the HBCUs you're interested in – they can provide specific advice and you'll definitely stand out by showing your proactive interest.

Lastly, showcase your marching experience in your application; include any leadership positions you've held, like section leader, or any awards your band may have won. And of course, keep practicing! Consistent practice and perhaps taking some private lessons to fine-tune your skills right before auditions can make a big difference. Good luck, and hope you march your way into a fantastic HBCU band program!

7 months ago

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