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How active are HBCU forums and are they helpful in the admissions process?

Hey folks, I've been checking out some HBCUs and I'm eager to learn more through community discussions! Does anyone here have experience with HBCU message boards or forums? Are they a good place to get insights on admissions, student life, and perhaps even financial aid?

7 months ago

Hi there! My daughter went through the admissions process for HBCUs last year, and we found the forums to be quite resourceful. Members frequently share their own experiences which can give you a real feel for student life and may offer tips on the admissions process that you might not find in the official literature.

Moreover, discussions about financial aid helped us become aware of scholarships and grants specific to HBCUs that we hadn't considered before. Just remember to cross-reference the info you find there with official resources to ensure accuracy. Participating in these forums is also a great way to connect with future classmates and alumni. Good luck with your research and application!

7 months ago

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