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Looking for HBCUs with reputable dance programs

Dance is my life, and I want to keep it center-stage during my college years. Does anyone know HBCUs with strong dance programs? Bonus points if they offer a variety of dance styles or performance opportunities. Loving the strength and history of HBCUs but need to make sure I can also follow my passion for dance!

7 months ago

Hey there! My daughter faced a similar search last year and through her experience, we stumbled upon some great options. Howard University might just be the ticket for you—a long-standing, prestigious HBCU with a vibrant dance program where students explore various styles, from ballet to African contemporary. Also, their dance ensemble, 'Howard University Dance Ensemble (HUDE)', offers fantastic performance opportunities.

Another excellent choice would be Spelman College, especially known for its strong connection to the arts and culture, and they have dance classes that tap into different genres, truly diverse! Lastly, do give a look at North Carolina Central University, where the dance program focuses on the technical, theoretical, and performance aspects. They might offer just what you're seeking in terms of style and performance. All these schools are rich in heritage and would nurture your passion for dance. It would be beneficial to check out their specific courses and what performance opportunities they offer—like annual shows, community events, or intercollegiate competitions, which could really give you a sense of how you could stay in the limelight! Hope this little bit of info helps you find the right fit, and best of luck on your journey—it's an exciting time!

7 months ago

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