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As a student in NY looking to stay close to home, which HBCUs would you recommend?

Hello! I'm currently a junior in New York and starting my college search. I'm really interested in attending an HBCU and hoping to find one not too far from home. Got any suggestions for HBCUs nearby, and perhaps some insights into their student life or academic strengths?

7 months ago

I'm glad to see that you're interested in attending an HBCU and want to stay relatively close to your home in New York. A couple of HBCUs you might consider are Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and Howard University in Washington, DC. Lincoln is about a 3-hour drive from NYC and has a rich history as the first degree-granting HBCU in the United States. The student life there is vibrant with various organizations and clubs that celebrate both the heritage and the academic spirit of the institution. Academically, it's known for strong programs in business and the humanities.

Howard, although a bit further away, is one of the most renowned HBCUs with numerous opportunities for internships and networking in the nation's capital. Known for competitive programs in law, medicine, and communications, it offers a compelling academic and professional environment. The campus culture is dynamic, with a strong sense of community and numerous extracurricular possibilities. Both schools offer unique experiences and historical significance within the HBCU community, and I encourage you to look into their offerings further to see if they resonate with your academic and personal goals. You might also want to consider visiting the campuses to get a sense of the atmosphere and to meet with current students.

7 months ago

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