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Are there HBCUs with Strong Tennis Programs?

Hi everyone! I'm passionate about tennis and I'm starting my college search. I've heard a lot of great things about HBCUs and I'm curious if any of them have particularly strong tennis teams. Can anyone recommend HBCUs known for their tennis programs or where I could get more info about the teams?

7 months ago

It's fantastic to see your interest in both tennis and HBCUs! While HBCUs may not be as widely recognized for their tennis programs as some other institutions, there are certainly ones that stand out and could offer a great opportunity for a student-athlete like yourself.

Two that come to mind are Howard University and Florida A&M University. Howard has a reputation for competitive sports programs and has made significant strides in tennis in recent years. Florida A&M, similarly, often competes at a high level in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. To get a better understanding of the programs, including coaching style and team dynamics, I'd suggest reaching out to the coaches or athletic staff at these schools. They can provide firsthand insight into their programs and can discuss what they look for in their athletes.

Also, consider attending some matches if possible, to see the teams in action. Remember to also consider the school’s academic programs and campus life, as these are just as important for your overall college experience!

7 months ago

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