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How does attending an HBCU homecoming impact the college experience?

Hey everyone, I'm considering applying to a few HBCUs and I've heard a ton about the homecoming events. Can anyone share how attending a homecoming at an HBCU has influenced their college experience or school spirit? Just trying to get a feel for the campus vibe during these times!

7 months ago

Hey there! Speaking as someone with a child currently enrolled at an HBCU, I can share that homecoming can play a significant role in shaping the college experience. From what I've observed and what my child tells me, it’s a week filled with pride, connection, and celebration of the school's history and culture. It's a spirited week where students, alumni, and faculty come together, creating a strong sense of belonging and community. Homecoming events range from concerts, parades, tailgates, and the big football game, to name a few.

My kid says it's like the entire campus comes alive with an energy that's hard to describe but is undeniably infectious. They've created lifelong friendships during homecoming festivities and really felt the embrace of the HBCU family. Plus, it's a fantastic networking opportunity since alumni from various fields come to celebrate and often share their experiences with current students. It's clear that homecoming isn’t just a party; it's a week that honors heritage, builds networking connections, and solidifies school pride. If you have the opportunity to attend, I'd absolutely recommend it to get the full experience of what an HBCU has to offer both socially and professionally!

7 months ago

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