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How do HBCU college nights at sports events benefit students?

Hey everyone, I just heard about the HBCU night that the Atlanta Hawks hosted. Can someone explain how attending these kinds of events could be beneficial for students interested in HBCUs? Do colleges offer any resources or opportunities during these events that we should know about?

7 months ago

Hi there! HBCU college nights hosted at sports events are a brilliant opportunity for students. Schools typically send representatives or alumni to these events to answer questions and provide insights about their campus life, programs, and culture. It's a more relaxed environment compared to formal college fairs, so students can feel comfortable asking all sorts of questions.

Plus, there's often a sense of community and excitement that comes from being around fellow supporters of HBCUs—you almost get a mini taste of what being at student at one would be like, as networking with other prospective students and current college attendees can offer a more personal perspective on what to expect. Be sure to grab any pamphlets or business cards, and definitely follow up with any contacts you make!

These events are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the HBCU community and get a taste of the spirit and pride that these institutions embody, so if you do end up attending one, make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity and focus on enjoying yourself!

7 months ago

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