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Can anyone share experiences with online HBCU nursing programs?

Hey community! Juggling work and school has made me consider online programs. I'm specifically looking into HBCU online nursing programs. Has anyone here completed one or is currently enrolled in one? What should I expect and how’s the quality of education and practical experience?

7 months ago

Hello there! Good for you for considering an online nursing program—that takes a substantial amount of self-discipline and organization!

The quality of education in accredited online programs is usually comparable with what you'd receive from an in-person program. The instructors will be knowledgeable, and often make themselves available for one-on-one meetings outside of class, which is crucial for an online setup.

As for the practical experience, that part is a bit tricky. These online programs do have a clinical component, as direct application of the theoretical knowledge you've been getting online is crucial. But they may require you to be proactive in securing a local health facility willing to take you on for the hands-on training, whereas an in person program may set up all of that for you.

Overall, one pro tip that can lead to you having a positive experience is staying connected with fellow students and instructors, which can be done through discussion boards, emails, and scheduled video calls. That way, you'll have a network to support you as you get accustomed to the volume of reading and complexity of written assignments, as otherwise doing all that work on your own can become a bit overwhelming.

Hope this gives you a bit of insight!

7 months ago

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