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Pre-med at HBCUs

Hey there! I'm aspiring to become a doctor and I'm drawn to the idea of studying at an HBCU for undergrad. Does anyone have insights on which HBCUs have strong pre-med programs, and how supportive they are in terms of preparing students for med school?

7 months ago

Hi! It's wonderful to hear about your interest in pursuing pre-med at an HBCU! Several HBCUs are known for their strong pre-med programs. For example, Xavier University of Louisiana has a notable track record for sending African American students to medical school. Howard University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College also have robust pre-med advising and support systems in place for their students.

These institutions often have agreements with medical schools that may help with admissions and also provide mentorship programs, MCAT preparation, and research opportunities to enhance your medical school application. Additionally, the tight-knit community at HBCUs can be incredibly beneficial for support and networking. It’s a good idea to get in touch with the pre-health advisors at these universities to discuss their programs in-depth and to understand how they can assist you in achieving your goals. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a doctor!

7 months ago

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