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Joining Army ROTC at an HBCU, what should I expect?

Hello all! I’m seriously considering Army ROTC in college and would love to learn more about what the program is like at HBCUs. Does anyone have experience with the ROTC programs at these schools? How’s the training, and what sort of community or support can I expect there? Would love to hear about your experiences or any advice you might have for someone looking to go this route.

7 months ago

Hello! My child is currently participating in ROTC while attending an HBCU, and they’ve found the experience to be quite rewarding. The training is rigorous and well-structured, offering a balanced mix of physical training, academic coursework, and leadership development. They particularly appreciate the community - it's close-knit, and the shared commitment to service and excellence creates a strong bond among the cadets.

In terms of support, the program staff are very invested in the success of each cadet, offering both mentorship and guidance. Participation in ROTC also tends to open up additional opportunities for scholarships and networking, which can be a huge benefit. I’d encourage you to reach out to the ROTC department at the HBCUs you’re looking at to get more specific information about their programs. Best of luck, and I’m sure you’ll do great!

7 months ago

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