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Does anyone have tips on adjusting to the removal of SAT analogies and comparisons?

So apparently, the SAT removed analogies and comparisons from the test a while back. For someone who's been using older prep books, what should I know about the current format? Any tips for adjusting my study strategy?

7 months ago

Hi there! It's true that the SAT no longer includes analogy and comparison questions, so it's important to update your study strategy to align with the current format. Nowadays, the SAT focuses more on evidence-based reading and grammar within the context of passages.

My tip would be to shift your practice to reading comprehension and understanding the nuances of words in context. Practice with up-to-date materials that mirror the type of passages and question styles you'll encounter on the test. Additionally, many students find it helpful to read a variety of texts—such as articles, scientific reports, and literature—to become familiar with different writing styles and vocabularies. Finally, make sure you're familiar with the SAT's current structure by taking a few full-length practice tests from recent years. This will help you become comfortable with the pacing and the type of questions you're likely to see.

Best of luck in your prep!

7 months ago

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