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Recommendations for HBCUs with standout sports management programs?

Yo! I'm a junior looking into majoring in sports management, and I've heard some HBCUs have solid programs. Can someone drop some knowledge on which HBCUs are known for their sports management programs? And if possible, how do they stack up with internships and job placements in the sports industry? Much appreciated!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's wonderful that you're considering a sports management major and looking to HBCUs for strong programs. One HBCU that is often praised for its sports management program is Howard University. Their program is well-rounded, giving students a solid foundation in the business of sports. Another HBCU with a commendable program is Hampton University, which offers a concentration in sports management within their School of Business.

In terms of internships and job placements, these programs leverage their connections to help students gain hands-on experience in the sports industry. Howard, for example, is situated in Washington D.C., which offers ample internship opportunities with professional sports teams and related organizations. Similarly, Hampton's proximity to several major cities makes it a viable location for securing internships. It is always a good idea to proactively reach out to the sports management departments at these HBCUs to ask about their partnerships with sports organizations and recent student job placements. This direct approach will give you the most current and relevant information.

I also recommend attending college fairs and virtual information sessions when these schools participate as they often share success stories and resources related to internships and employment outcomes. Best of luck with your search!

7 months ago

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