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How should I approach creating a summer study plan for the SAT/ACT before senior year?

Hey guys, so I'm a bit anxious about getting a good score on the SAT/ACT before applications are due in the fall. I've got a pretty packed summer with a part-time job and some volunteering, but I know I need to carve out time for test prep. Does anyone have any tips or a framework for an effective study plan that balances a busy schedule but still gets results? Plus, any advice on how I can stick to it without burning out would be golden!

7 months ago

I understand your concerns about balancing a busy summer schedule with effective SAT/ACT study time. The key to an effective study plan is to be realistic about the time you can commit each week. Start by setting a target score based on the colleges you're interested in. Then, take a practice test to see where you stand currently—you can also use your PSAT score to help with this.

With your baseline established, you can identify the areas that need the most improvement. Allocate more time to these sections while maintaining a consistent schedule for the others. For example, if math is a weak point, you might schedule three 45-minute math sessions a week alongside two 30-minute reading sessions.

Incorporating short, focused study periods can make your study more manageable and productive, and allow you to stay on track while juggling your other responsibilities. It’s also crucial to take breaks and give yourself days off so you can recharge and avoid that burnout you were talking about.

Finally, using quality test prep resources can make your study time more effective. That could include books from companies like Princeton Review or online options like Khan Academy, but also don't undersell the value of doing small things like playing Wordle every day to brush up on your vocabulary. Those quick, even fun exercises can in some ways be just as useful for polishing up your skills, if you do them consistently.

Good luck with your test prep—you've got this!

7 months ago

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