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What technical programs at HBCUs have the best reputations?

So, I'm a high school junior trying to figure out the whole college thing and I have a passion for the technical side of things, like engineering and IT. Does anyone know which HBCUs are known for their technical programs or have alumni that can speak to their experiences? Would love to get your take on this!

7 months ago

It's wonderful to hear about your interest in technical programs, and HBCUs offer some strong options in those areas.

For engineering, one notable institution is North Carolina A&T State University, which is well-regarded for its College of Engineering. Students there have access to solid programs and resources, with a history of producing graduates who do well in the field. Similarly, Howard University's College of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Sciences is highly respected, often noted for its comprehensive curriculum and research opportunities—being in D.C. can also help you find opportunities to apply your classroom learning in the real world.

Alumni from these schools typically report a supportive environment and strong preparation for their technical careers. Remember also to look beyond rankings to consider factors such as campus culture, location, and extracurricular opportunities that match your interests.

Best of luck as you continue your college search!

7 months ago

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