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Can anyone share their experiences from the diversity in tech summit at an HBCU?

I'm super into tech and coding, and I'm thinking about my future in the tech industry. I heard about diversity in tech summits being held at HBCUs – has anyone been to one, and what was your takeaway? How might attending one affect my college and career opportunities?

7 months ago

Hi there! A diversity in tech summit at an HBCU presents a fantastic chance to network with professionals and mentors who are passionate about making the tech world more inclusive and accessible. You may also get the chance to polish up your coding skills, by working on particular projects and receiving feedback from industry insiders.

This kind of summit also typically provides several workshops on career development in addition to technical skills, which can help you identify potential internships and niches for yourself within tech. Moreover, recruiters from some big-name tech companies might be present! Attending an event like this could absolutely give you an edge, as you'll have the opportunity to talk to these professionals face to face, which will allow you to both introduce yourself and learn more about their companies and which one is the right landing spot for you.

It's essential to make the most of these opportunities by actively engaging, asking questions, and following up with contacts after the event. These actions can make quite a difference. If you keep in touch with the people you meet, that could lead to an internship or even job offer, so never overlook their importance!

7 months ago

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