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Anyone know good HBCU schools with strong information technology programs?

Hey everyone, I'm a junior starting to look into colleges, and I'm pretty set on attending an HBCU. I'm super passionate about Information Technology and was wondering if anyone could share their experiences or knowledge about HBCU schools with strong IT programs?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's wonderful that you're set on attending an HBCU and pursuing Information Technology. When it comes to strong IT programs, there are several HBCUs that stand out. Howard University, for example, offers a comprehensive Information Systems program within their School of Business. Their curriculum is designed to provide a strong technical foundation with a blend of business skills, which is highly beneficial in the IT field.

Another institution to consider is Florida A&M University (FAMU). They offer an Information Technology program through their School of Business & Industry, which emphasizes both technical proficiency and leadership qualities. FAMU also has industry partnerships that can provide valuable internship opportunities.

In addition, North Carolina A&T State University is known for its College of Engineering, which includes a Department of Computer Systems Technology. This department focuses on hands-on, applied technology education, which might align well with your interests. Research the faculty, curriculum, and potential opportunities for internships and projects at these schools to see which aligns best with your aspirations. Remember, visiting campuses, if possible, can also give you a great sense of fit. Best of luck in your search and future studies!

7 months ago

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