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How does the cost of attending an HBCU in Florida compare?

Hey fellow juniors, as I'm planning my college list, I'm considering HBCUs and wanted to get an idea of the costs. Specifically, does anyone know which HBCU in Florida is the cheapest to attend? I'd love to stay in the south, and Florida's weather is a huge plus!

7 months ago

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), based in Tallahassee, often comes up as one of the more affordable options in Florida when you look at tuition and fees alone. However, I encourage you to consider both tuition and fees as well as the cost of living in the area, as Tallahassee is the state's capital and thus might be slightly more expensive in terms of things like rent.

On a more positive note, remember that the 'sticker price' of tuition doesn't always reflect the true cost after financial aid and scholarships, which can be quite substantial at HBCUs. Make sure to use the Net Price Calculator available on each HBCU's financial aid website, which will give you a more personalized estimate of what you might expect to pay after financial aid. Also, since you're looking at the cost as a major decision factor, keep an eye on scholarships specifically offered by the HBCUs in Florida, as well as state-sponsored scholarships for residents if you're from Florida originally.

Best of luck as you weigh your options—you're doing a great job of planning ahead!

7 months ago

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