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What HBCUs in the Atlanta area offer strong nursing programs?

Hey guys, I'm super interested in pursuing nursing and I want to stay close to Atlanta. Are there any HBCUs around here that have reputable nursing programs? Any current students or alumni willing to share their experiences?

7 months ago

Hello! It's terrific that you're looking into HBCUs in the Atlanta area for your nursing aspirations. You'll be glad to know that there are excellent options available. One HBCU that's especially renowned for its strong nursing program is Spelman College. Although primarily a liberal arts college, Spelman offers a solid pre-nursing program and has partnerships with nursing schools, allowing students to transition into BSN programs seamlessly.

Another great institution to consider is Clark Atlanta University. Their nursing programs are known for preparing students thoroughly for the NCLEX, the exam you must pass at the end of nursing school to actually receive your RN, and for a successful career in nursing. Additionally, Morehouse School of Medicine, while not an undergraduate college, is worth knowing about as well, as it's a notable institution in health sciences and offers graduate programs in nursing and public health.

As you explore these options, I recommend visiting the campuses and reaching out to the admissions offices to learn more about their specific nursing pathways and support systems. Also, speaking with current students and faculty can offer valuable insights into the day-to-day experiences and the overall community atmosphere. Best of luck in your search and future nursing career!

7 months ago

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