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What is HBCU Day and how can high school students participate?

Hello, friends! I just came across something called HBCU Day and I'm a bit confused. Can someone shed some light on what HBCU Day is all about? Also, as a high school junior starting to look at colleges, how can I get involved in HBCU Day? Are there specific activities or college prep events held on this day? Any tips would be super helpful!

7 months ago

Hello there! I'm delighted to hear about your interest in HBCU Day. HBCU Day is an event designed to celebrate and promote the 100+ HBCUs across the nation. It often includes college fairs, workshops, and speaking engagements that highlight the opportunities available at HBCUs.

As a high school junior, this is a prime time for you to participate, so that you can get an early idea of whether or not HBCUs align with what you're looking for in your college experience. Check if your school or a nearby school is hosting any special events for HBCU Day that you can attend.

If not, many HBCUs and organizations host virtual events and webinars, which could include video campus tours, admissions Q&A sessions, and scholarship information workshops. Engaging in these activities would give you a deeper understanding of HBCU cultures and educational programs, allowing you to tackle your college selection process in a more informed way.

Finally, HBCU Day is also a chance to network with admissions representatives and get a feel for each campus’s atmosphere. If you can, follow HBCU social media accounts or join their mailing lists to stay updated on events and opportunities. This can be an excellent step in your college prep and decision-making journey—if you do attend some events, make sure to enjoy them!

7 months ago

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