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How do HBCU volleyball programs compare in competition and resources to those at Power 5 schools?

Hey fam, I'm really passionate about volleyball and I'm starting to think about where I want to play in college. I've been looking at different schools, and I'm curious about how HBCU volleyball programs stack up against those at Power 5 conferences. Do they have similar resources or competition levels? I'm all for the cultural and educational benefits of HBCUs but want to make sure I can still ball out competitively.

7 months ago

Hey there! The competition and resources between HBCU volleyball programs and those at Power 5 schools can both be quite different. Power 5 schools, with their larger athletic budgets, tend to have more resources such as state-of-the-art training facilities and equipment, robust coaching staffs, and extensive travel budgets. Their level of competition is also typically higher, as they're often able to recruit top-tier athletes, and coach them up to a higher level using their vasts resources.

However, while HBCUs might have more limited resources in comparison, that doesn't mean the competition isn't solid. Many HBCU teams are filled with passionate athletes, and the sense of community and cultural pride can be a huge plus—an even more pronounced version of the empowering spirit you feel on an HBCUs campus as a whole. Additionally, you can often find a more balanced emphasis on education and athletics.

Evaluate what's most important to you in your college experience, and maybe even reach out to current players from each kind of school or attend some matches to get a more concrete feel for the pros and cons of each path. Best of luck in your volleyball career!

7 months ago

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