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Can anyone share about their experiences with professors at HBCUs?

Hi all, as someone who values strong mentorship, I'm wondering what the relationships between students and professors are like at HBCUs. Can any current students or alums shed light on their personal experiences?

7 months ago

Hi there! From what HBCU students share, the professors at these institutions really go the extra mile to support their students. Many of them have an open-door policy, encouraging students to come by any time even outside of official office hours, which makes it easy to ask for help or discuss class material.

Also, the class sizes tend to be smaller, so you feel more like a crucial part of a tight-knit community rather than just a number in a lecture hall. These smaller classes also lead to increased attention from faculty: one of your professors might notice your interest in a particular topic and offer to mentor you through an independent study course the following term, for example.

At an HBCU, you'll be in an environment where faculty are genuinely invested in your growth, not just academically, but personally as well.

7 months ago

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