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Taking Algebra 2 over the summer, good idea?

Yo, I’m looking to get ahead in math to open up my schedule for senior year. Has anyone taken Algebra 2 over the summer? Did it prepare you well for classes like Pre-Calc during the school year, or was it too rushed? Would love to hear your experiences!

7 months ago

Hey there, I think it's fantastic you're planning ahead for your senior year! Taking Algebra 2 over the summer can be a good move, especially if you're aiming to take Pre-Calc afterward. The key is to ensure the summer course matches the rigor of a year-long class and that you're prepared to commit to the pace of summer learning, which is faster due to the compressed timeline.

If you're up for the challenge and ready to focus, it could definitely be a beneficial step for you. Talk with your current math teacher as well, as they can give you a good sense of your readiness for the accelerated pace based on your performance throughout the year. And if you do take the class, make sure you still leave yourself some relaxation time, so that by the fall you're feeling rested and ready to take full advantage of your senior year!

7 months ago

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