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How much can HBCU grants and scholarships realistically cover?

Hey everyone! Currently trying to figure out my financial plan for college and exploring the amount and types of aid I could potentially receive from HBCUs. Does anyone have experience with HBCU-specific grants or scholarships? Can they significantly cut down costs, or should I still look to outside sources too?

7 months ago

Hello! Every HBCU has a different set of grants and scholarships with varying criteria — academic excellence, financial need, leadership qualities, and sometimes interest in a particular field of study. While the criteria may vary, these awards can indeed significantly reduce your college expenses.

Also remember that institutional aid can cover a good portion of the sticker price. A full ride is relatively uncommon, but many students receive an aid package that makes affording college much less strenuous for their family.

However, it's still prudent to apply for outside scholarships to potentially cover the remaining costs, especially because in addition to tuition, you'll also have other expenses like books, accommodation, and personal expenses. External scholarships can also provide a buffer if your institutional aid doesn't renew at the same level each year, your scholarship loses its funding source, or if your financial circumstances change.

So, yes, while grants, scholarships, and institutional aid from HBCUs can be substantial, I highly encourage looking into outside sources as well. Websites like CollegeVine can help identify scholarships for which you might be eligible. Good luck with your financial planning!

7 months ago

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