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What are the chances for an international student to get a scholarship from an HBCU?

Hey guys, I'm a high school junior living outside the U.S. and I'm really interested in attending an HBCU for college. I've heard about scholarships, but I'm not sure about my chances as an international student. Does anyone have experience with this, and do HBCUs typically offer financial aid or scholarships to students from abroad? Any guidance would be really appreciated!

7 months ago

Certainly! As an international student, you do have opportunities to obtain scholarships from HBCUs, though it's important to acknowledge that the availability and types of scholarships can vary greatly between institutions.

HBCUs, like other colleges, may offer scholarships based on merit, sports, arts, or community service achievements. As an international candidate, though, focusing on merit-based scholarships might be a strategic approach.

You should start this process by checking the financial aid webpage of the HBCUs you're interested in to see specific scholarship options available to international students. If you have any questions, definitely reach out to someone in the office for clarification—that's what they're there for!

Then, focus on building a strong academic and extracurricular profile, to enhance your chances of receiving a scholarship. Keep in mind that some scholarships may require separate applications from your one to the actual school. Those applications are sometimes quite involved, with essays and rec letters of their own, and deadlines are typically quite strict, so staying organized and on top of application components is key.

Best of luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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