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Are there notable rivalries between HBCUs that affect student life?

Hey y'all, junior here getting a jump on the college search, and I'm kinda into the whole school spirit thing. I've been told HBCUs have some deep-rooted rivalries – does anyone know how these rivalries play out on campus? Like, are there events or traditions I should know about that make the experience at HBCUs even more unique?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's wonderful to hear that you're considering the vibrant world of HBCUs! Indeed, historical rivalries between HBCUs do add a unique flavor to student life and can enhance the collegiate experience.

One of the famous examples is the football rivalry known as the 'Battle of the Real HU' between Howard University and Hampton University. This event includes not only an exciting football game but also a week filled with festivities, traditions, and a sense of community.

Another notable rivalry plays out in the 'Bayou Classic' between Southern University and Grambling State University, which features a must-watch football game and the spectacular 'Battle of the Bands.' HBCU classics aren't just about sports either: they're a celebration of school spirit, culture, and the historical significance of these institutions.

If you thrive on school pride and community, these rivalries and their accompanying events are sure to make your college experience unforgettable!

7 months ago

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