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Which HBCUs have strong Computer Science programs?

Hey everyone! I'm really passionate about coding and software development, and I want to incorporate that into my college experience. I'm also interested in attending an HBCU. Can anyone share insights or experiences about HBCUs that are known for their Computer Science programs? Looking for schools that will offer both a great education and opportunities for internships or undergrad research.

7 months ago

I'm really thrilled to see your passion for computer science and your interest in HBCUs! Some HBCUs with notable computer science programs include Howard University, Spelman College, and North Carolina A&T State University.

Howard has a well-funded STEM department and is located in Washington D.C., providing numerous internship opportunities due to its proximity to tech companies and government agencies. Spelman, particularly for women in tech, offers robust programs and partnerships with major tech companies. And North Carolina A&T State University is known for producing the most African American undergraduate engineers and often collaborates with companies in the tech industry.

It's also worth looking into Hampton University and Florida A&M University, which have dynamic CS departments. All these institutions emphasize not just academic excellence but also practical experience, which is key in the tech field. Be sure to explore if they offer the specialization you're interested in, like software development, and check for partnerships with tech companies that might lead to internships or research opportunities. It would also be beneficial to connect with current students or alumni through forums or social media to get firsthand insights.

Good luck with your search!

7 months ago

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