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How does financial aid work at HBCUs for someone with middle-class income?

So, I'm caught in that awkward spot where my family is too 'rich' to qualify for a lot of need-based aid but definitely not wealthy enough to afford college without help. I'm looking into HBCUs, and I'm curious about how they handle financial aid for middle-class students. Do HBCUs have good merit-based scholarships or aid packages to help bridge the gap? If anyone has gone through this process, I’d really appreciate your insights! Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey there! Each HBCU is different, of course, but many do offer merit-based scholarships that can help students in the middle-class income bracket. For example, many HBCUs offer scholarships based on GPA and test scores, and they can be quite generous. It's also worth looking into the specific scholarships each school offers – some have scholarships for particular programs or achievements that may align with your strengths.

Do be sure to still fill out the FAFSA to see what kind of federal aid you might get, including work-study opportunities and federal loans. It might not make a huge dent for your family, but it could be part of a broader strategy that increases the affordability of college.

Additionally, it can be helpful to reach out directly to the financial aid offices at the schools you're interested in to get a clear picture of the cost after scholarships and aid. They ideally don't want any student to be unable to attend their institution for financial reasons, so they'll be super helpful in outlining the sorts of aid packages they could offer you. Don’t forget to look for external scholarships as well—every little bit helps!

Best of luck to you!

7 months ago

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