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Is it possible to submit letters of recommendation after the college app deadline?

Panicking senior here! 😬 Just found out one of my recommenders is running late with their letter. Can I submit it after the app deadline, or is my application toast?

7 months ago

No need to panic! It’s common for letters of recommendation to be accepted by colleges a bit after the main application deadline. Admissions offices are aware that teachers and counselors can be swamped with requests, especially around deadline time.

What you should do right now is communicate with your recommender to get an idea of when they expect to complete the letter. At the same time, it wouldn't hurt to inform the admissions office of your situation, so they know to expect the letter shortly after the deadline. Keep it brief and courteous.

For example, 'I wanted to let you know that one of my recommenders has informed me that they may need a few extra days beyond the deadline to submit their letter due to [reason]. I hope this will not inconvenience the review of my application.'

Remember, the important thing is to ensure that the rest of your application is submitted by the deadline. Then, follow up gently with your recommender to make sure it's sent as soon as possible thereafter.

7 months ago

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