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How do you convert a GPA from a 100-point scale to a 4.0 scale?

This might sound like a newbie question, but my school uses a 100-point scale and I'm not sure how to convert my GPA to the 4.0 scale that most colleges use. Can anyone suggest a trusted way to convert it without inflating or deflating my GPA? I want to make sure my transcript is as accurate as possible when I apply to colleges.

7 months ago

Hey there! It's a great question and a common one at that, so no worries. To convert your GPA from a 100-point scale to a 4.0 scale, many schools typically use a standard conversion chart. Here's a simplified version:

- 90-100 generally corresponds to an A, which equates to a 4.0

- 80-89 is often considered a B, translating to a 3.0

- 70-79 would be a C, making it a 2.0; and so on.

Some schools and districts might offer a more nuanced conversion, accounting for plus and minus grades as well. However, keep in mind that colleges might recalculate your GPA based on their own scale and criteria, especially for honors or Advanced Placement courses. You can also find GPA calculators online that can do the conversion for you—just make sure you're using a reputable one, and double-check with your school counselor to ensure its accuracy.

Also, when you're filling out applications, some colleges will ask for your GPA in the original scale and they'll do the conversion themselves. So, make sure to read the application instructions carefully. Good luck with your college applications!

7 months ago

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