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Early SAT/ACT hand-in: How does it affect admissions?

Hey guys, I've heard mixed opinions on this and I'm a bit stressed now. If you turn in your SAT or ACT scores early, like way before app deadlines, does it actually make a difference in your admissions chances? Or is it just another one of those admissions myths? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! The timing of submitting your SAT or ACT scores generally doesn't impact your admissions chances. Admissions committees begin reviewing applications after the application deadline, and as long as your test scores are submitted by that deadline, you're all set.

Submitting your scores early does have some benefits, though. It can reduce stress knowing that part of your application is complete well ahead of time. Moreover, if you aren't satisfied with your scores, you have the opportunity to retake the test and submit new scores before the deadline. Another advantage is that if there's any issue with the transmission of your scores to the colleges, submitting early gives you ample time to resolve these issues.

Just remember to keep track of each college’s last acceptable test date if you plan to retake the SAT or ACT. This ensures that your scores will be considered. Late scores may miss the review process, especially for Early Decision or Early Action applications. Lastly, it's worth noting that some colleges allow you to self-report test scores on your application, and you'll only need to send in official score reports if you're admitted and decide to attend that college.

7 months ago

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